At Algorixon, we provide technical consultancy services by analysing the underlying design principles of the building component to be designed, be they performance- or manufacture-based. We specialise in façade engineering, with our tecnhical competencies also covering structural engineering and sustainability certifications such as LEED®.

At the core of our approach is the incorporation of digital technologies into all technical aspects covering façade engineering to solve practical problems quickly, while still guaranteeing quality.

Our focus is on the fundamental principles that govern engineering design, to be then fully exploited with the help of digital technologies.

Here below a glimpse of our core technical capabilities:

We develop in-house software to solve problems that would otherwise require time to complete, while achieving full control over the underlying principles governing the physical phenomenon. The image below shows custom-built Rhinoceros/Grasshopper components to evaluate the temperature of a double glazed unit with back insulation under solar radiation. This digital tool allows to evaluate the temperature of arbitrary glazed and opaque façade buildups under solar radiation.

In this way, it is possible to evaluate temperatures in façade components to assess various aspects such as condensation or thermal shock risk, as well as the sensitivity of these phenomena to the input parameters, such as solar radiation or solar characteristics of the individual components.

We also provide façade engineering services such as thermal and structural calculations of individual components via FEM and CFD analyses in both 2D and 3D.