The major challenge when dealing with IFC information exchange is the ability to control the IFC files' inner structure to guarantee that all contained information is fully transferred to the various stakeholders involved in the design & construction process.

While off-the-shelf software platforms present some functionalities to export information via IFC data exchange, each construction project presents unique peculiarities that make full control over information transfer unachievable without looking further into the way the information is structured. Any lost information must also be recovered by retrieving it from the exporting software platform. All these challenges form what commonly known as "interoperability" issues.

Full interoperability in IFC data exchange can only be achieved by carefully analysing and controlling the inner structure of the file.

At Algorixon, we tailor the IFC file data structure to achieve better interoperability by creating new / modyifing existing IFC files which meet the stakeholders' importing/exporting software capabilities, without loss of information. To achieve this, we use a series of software tools that range from off-the-shelf software platforms and relevant API, to raw programming codes and custom algorithms. Normally, a combination of the two is required.

Given the large amount of project information contained in IFC files, we have developed capabilites to analyse big data using statistical models such as Anova or PCA using R, the code for statistical computing.